Light Measurement

Light Measurement & Detection Products include portable and research benchtop light meters and radiometers, sprectroradiometers, belt radiometers, light detectors, optical filters, input optics including integrating spheres, and light measurement/detection accessories.

CUSTOM Light Measurement & Detection Product Solutions are available. Please contact ILT Sales for help with your application.

ILT10 & ILT10C Light Meters can be purchased online. ALL other Light Measurement product prices: US, Canada, Mexico - please contact ILT Sales for price information. Other Countries - please contact the ILT International Representative in that country.

Light Meters

Light Meters

Full line of precision, configurable digital Light Meters (ILT10, ILT10C), Light Meter/Monitor/Data Logger (ILT1000), Radiometers (ILT6000, ILT5000, ILT1700, ILT1400, ILT70 Series) and Belt Radiometers (ILT400, ILT490) - visible, UV and infrared light.


Spectroradiometer Family


Portable, NIST Traceable, calibrated spectroradiometers that easily and accurately measure spectral irradiance, color coordinates, and CCT from the UV to the near-infrared.



Light Detectors


Detectors are used with light meters to collect a specific type of light that the meter is calibrated to accept.

Filters for Light Detectors


Optical filters are often used with light detectors and meters to attenuate certain wavelengths of light and produce an overall desired detector response.

Accessories for Light Measurement


International Light Technologies offers a wide variety of accessories including tripods, power cords, computer and extension cables, cases and underwater sensor modifications.

Input Optics for Light Measurement

Input Optics

Input optics change the optical geometry of a measurement in order to collect information about a light source that cannot be acquired by a detector alone.

Integrating Spheres