New Products

ILT1000 Light Meter, Monitor & Data Logger

New ILT1000 Light Meter, Monitor & Data Logger

Most versatile UV, VIS, and IR datalogging optometer available on the market today.
Applications include UV Monitoring, Process Monitoring, UV Curing, Plant Photobiology, Thin Film Deposition, Ribbon Clarity/Glass Production, Liquid Turbidity and Transmission Measurements.
ILT LED Sign Retrofit Rail System   ILT LED Sign Retrofit Rail System

New ILT LED Sign Retrofit Rail System

Simple,easy system to retrofit fluorescent or neon lit signs with LED Modules.
Applications include Single and Double-Faced Cabinets, Fuel Price Signs, Fuel Pump Canopy Fascia, Logo Signs, Pylon Signs and Large Channel Letters.
New Ascent 1x3 White LED Sign Module  New Ascent 2x3 White LED Sign Module


ILT "Ascent" 2x3 and 1x3 White LED Sign Modules

Latest Generation of these Popular WHITE LED Sign Modules. Applications include Channel letters (face and halo), Internally Illuminated Sign Cabinets, Architectural Lighting, Accent and Cove Lighting.
ILT 550/550V Systems

New Low-Cost ILT550/ILT550V Spectroradiometers

With budget conscious customers in mind, ILT is happy to announce the introduction of the new ILT550. The ILT550 is nearly half the price of the ILT950, but is still packed with great features and options.

ILT 950-950UV Systems

New ILT950/ILT950UV Spectroradiometers

New ILT950UV / improved ILT950 now equipped with higher pixel CCD array for improved performance including nearly 50% more sensitivity and higher S/N ratio increased from 200:1 to 300:1 with larger quantum well depth.

ILT LED Awning Illuminator

ILT LED Awning Illuminator

Designed for Awning Illumination & Awning Retrofits, low power consumption, high lumen output, no exposed lenses to break or crack, 5 year warranty.
ILT Soffitlight LED Retrofit Kit

ILT SoffitLight LED Retrofit Kit

LED Soffit Light Retrofit Kit - Replace Metal Halide Light Fixtures in Many Types of Soffit Lighting Applications - Cost-Effective, Energy Efficient, Bright Light, Long Lifetime.
SoffitLight is DLC Listed!

NEW Lampholders

The H200 Series of lampholders (part numbers H208 thru H294) added to our lamp holder product line in response to customer requests for more cost-effective lampholders.