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ILT350 Hand-Held Illuminance Spectrophotometer

ILT350 Hand-Held Illuminance Spectrophotometer

Low cost, easy-to-use lux and color measurement hand-held spectrophotometer with NIST Traceable and ISO 17025
accredited calibration.

Hand-Held Illuminance Spectrophotometer
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ILT2400 Hand-held Light Meter / Optometer

ILT2400 Hand-held Light Meter / Optometer with TouchScreen

The most advanced hand held light meter and optometer on the market today. ILT’s Accuspan™ software automatically sets the averaging while rapidly measuring over 8 decades of light intensities.

Hand-Held Light Meter/Optometer Available SOON!
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ILT5000 Research Radiometer

ILT5000 Research Radiometer

Improvements include rapid measurements (1-100hz), a broader dynamic range, extensive supporting software apps, built-in wireless, data storage, and rechargeable batteries!

ILT5000 is also a stand-alone autoranging picoammeter (100fA to 1mA). Details at: ILT5000-P Picoammeter


NEW! SMD/Silicon Lens UV LEDs from ILT

Wave Lengths: 260-270nm, 273-283nm, 275-285nm, 305-315nm, 361-371nm
Size: (3.45mm x 3.45mm x 1.9mm)
Part Numbers: E265SL, E273SL, E280SL, E305SL, E365SL

Link to UV-LED SL Data Sheet

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ILT K2 Summit LED Sign Modules

ILT K2 Summit LED Sign Modules

For single and double faced shallow sign cabinets up to 3” from the face. With K2 TurnLoc™ mounting system - simply insert the pin into the K2 RAIL and turn it 90 degrees to lock it in place.

CanopyLight-13K LED Gas Pump Canopy Light Retrofit Kit

NEW Product!

Now with 13,000 Lumens of light output! ALL the easy-install features of previous CanopyLight models with more light output and improved light distribution. Field-trimmable adapter plate (see photo) for larger canopy fixture openings.

ILT10 / ILT10C Light Meters

New ILT10 / ILT10C Portable Light Meters

NEW Product! ILT’s most economical light measurement system. The ILT10 reads out in either Lux or Foot Candles and is designed for use in a wide variety of applications needing a quick, accurate light measurement. ILT10C comes with NIST traceable, ISO 17025 accredited calibration.

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ILT1000 Light Meter, Monitor & Data Logger

New ILT1000 Light Meter, Monitor & Data Logger

NEW Product! Most versatile UV, VIS, and IR datalogging optometer available. Perform Multi-Point, Wireless, Remote Light Monitoring & Data Logging.
Applications: UV Monitoring, Process Monitoring, UV Curing, Plant Photobiology, Thin Film Deposition, Ribbon Clarity/Glass Production, Liquid Turbidity & Transmission Measurements.