PLEASE NOTE: Our software has been tested to work on a PC using Pro Versions of Windows software.  We have not tested on home level versions.  It has not been tested for Mac compatibility. (Please refer to the equipment's specification page to confirm which version of Windows Software your equipment/ILT software revision is compatible with.  If you experience any difficulty with your instrumentation or software, please email for assistance.)


DataLight II Software Suite for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
(ZIP File - Click on link to download)

File Name:

The new and improved DataLight II software is compatible with ILT’s latest models including ILT1000 Low Profile Datalogger, ILT5000 Research Radiometer, ILT6000 Rack Mount Multi Channel Meter and our NEW ILT2400 Hand Held light meter with touch screen display. DataLight II includes ILTs “Meter”app designed to maintain the look and feel of the Industry Standard ILT1700 Research Radiometer and our improved Flash Application version for measurement of flashes as brief as 20 µsec (i.e. with a 200 µsec flash you receive 10 samples/flash.). Also included are Trend, Bar, Datalog, CLI, NetConfig and FW Update.

(NOTE: Installation includes the FTDI drivers which will be saved in one of the following locations: "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files (x86)" \International Light Technologies \ "ILT5000" or "ILT1000" software suite \ FTDI Driver \ CDM V2.12.00 WHQL Certified.exe. Please use the ILT provided drivers.)

NOTE: ILT strongly recommends performing a Firmware update to version or higher to assure best performance

Firmware File
(ZIP File - Click on link to download)

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MD5, SHA1 Verification Checksums for DataLight II Software:
MD5 and SHA1 checksum values are used to verify the data integrity of a downloaded file by comparing it to the checksum value of the original file. Linux/UNIX and Mac devices have this capability built-in; for Windows, several free utilities are available on the web to help you determine the checksum value of your downloaded files.

For file:
FILESIZE: 10,731,917
MD5: 0356c032ca19275b589c9f5283626534
SHA1: a57b6a3fb3e478b2c9068957c9f61447cfad169c

For file:
FILESIZE: 48,630
MD5: c52bb527f41e75c6fa3a02529bc304ce
SHA1: 06f9c6d4db5cedeee5e2c9165b82755d3675a754



ILT1000/ILT5000 Virtual Instrument Drivers (ZIP File - Click on link to download)

LabView Virtual Instrument Drivers to be used with the ILT1000/ILT5000 API. See Command and Control Manual for configuration.


DataLight Software Suite for Windows XP (ZIP File - Click on link to download)

DataLight is the original version of ILT1000 software designed to run on XP. Before using DataLight, new customers will need to do a firmware change to assure compatibility. Both the DataLight software and DataLight Firmware are located in the supplied zip file. DataLight includes Trend, Bar, Datalog, and CLI (CLI will run also run on MAC). DataLight does not include the “Meter” app and is not compatible with ILT5000 units.


Original Labview Virtual Instrument Drivers (RS-232 only)

LabVIEW® Virtual Instrument drivers for International Light IL1400 and IL1700 Radiometers. Can be used with or without the full-version of LabVIEW®


ILT350 Setup and Driver Software (ZIP File - Click on link to download)

File Name:


MD5, SHA1 Verification Checksums for ILT350 Software:

For file:
FILESIZE: 25,756,585
MD5: 2604e45184a78bc5d5510ded00c0f191
SHA1: 86fcddfe438cc7a04c6f69a8d08e522c605ac94a



ILT1700 / ILT1400 USB Data Logging Software

Program that allows the end-user to perform data-acquisition with USB equipped ILT1700 and ILT1400 Radiometers. Requires USB equipped ILT1700 or ILT1400, LabView and either the ILT1700 32-bit or 64-bit USB Drivers


ILT1700/IL1700 Software Connection Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)

PDF guide to help troubleshoot problems connecting your ILT1700 or IL1700 to a PC via USB or RS232 connections.


SpectrILight Tools Analysis Pak v.1.0 Irradiance

Please Note: This is NOT the new SpectrILight III Spectral Analysis/Spectrometer Control Software. This is a separate Excel spreadsheet analysis package that requires data export from the RPS900/ILT900 spectrometer control software. This came standard with all RPS900/ILT900 spectrometers prior to the SpectrILight III software.

SpectriLight Tools is a powerful Excel® app that accepts 1 nm resolution input files and calculates all standard spectral parameters such as lux, scotopic intensity, UVA, B, C, VIS, PAR including Einsteins, Chromaticity, Dominant and Complementary wavelength, Color Purity, CCT, CRI, Solar Simulator and more.


ILT1000 Apps v2.3.3 (ZIP File) Obsolete - see DataLight and DataLight II (above)


Links to Light Calculator ZIP Files

Beam Intensity Measurement Range Calculator (.zip file - extract and run the .exe file)

Exposure value (EV) / Lux Converter (.zip file - extract and run the .exe file)

Foot Candle / Lux Converter (.zip file - extract and run the .exe file)

Inverse Square Law of Light Calculator (.zip file - extract and run the .exe file)

QNDS/Attenuator-Self-Calibration-Calculator (.zip file - extract and run the .exe file)

Lux/Foot-candles to Total Lumens Converter (.zip file - extract and run the .exe file)

Watts/m2 or W/cm2 to Total Watts Converter (.zip file - extract and run the .exe file)

µMoles (µEinsteins) / Lux Converter (.zip file - extract and run the .exe file) - DOWNLOAD NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME