Low Light Level

Low Light Level detection and measurement requires the use of a PMT sensor and highly sensitive light meter capable of measuring very low current or voltage levels.

ILT combines a Hamamatsu PMT, miniature power supply, filters and optics into a compact housing that allows measurements as low as nlux and fW/cm2 over the ranges of 250-780 nm.

ILT Low Light Level Detection and Measurement Systems are listed in the table below - CLICK ON THE ILT PART NUMBER IN THE "ILT SYSTEM OPTIONS" COLUMN TO SEE SYSTEM DETAILS & SPECIFICATIONS.


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Spectral Range ILT System Options
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Measurement Range Units
Low Light Chemical reactions, Moonlight, Phosphorescence, R&D, Bioluminescence, Reflectance, Transmission, Light blocking 250-600 nm ILT5000 Radiometer, SPM068/QNDS3/W Detector 1e-14 to 1e-7 W/cm²
    250-600 nm ILT5000 Radiometer, SPM068/QNDS3/R Detector 2e-13 to 1e-6 W/cm²/sr
    250-600 nm ILT5000 Radiometer, SPM068-1/QNDS3/W Detector 1e-14 to 1e-7 W/cm²
    250-600 nm ILT5000 Radiometer, SPM068-1/QNDS3/R Detector 2e-13 to 1e-6 W/cm²/sr
========== ====== ====== ========== ====== ======
    380-680 nm ILT5000 Radiometer, SPM068-1/ZPM/W Scotopic Detector 1e-8 to 7e-3 fc
    380-680 nm ILT5000 Radiometer, SPM068-1/ZPM/R Scotopic Detector 4e-7 to 0.2 fL
========== ====== ====== ========== ====== ======
    250-600 nm ILT1700 Radiometer, SPM068/QNDS3/W Detector 1.05e-12 to 1.05e-5 W/cm²
    250-600 nm ILT1700 Radiometer, SPM068-1/QNDS3/R Detector 1.37e-11 to 1.37e-4 W/cm²/sr
========== ====== ====== ========== ====== ======
* All Radiometers/Photometers/Spectroradiometers are NIST Traceable.