CaseLight LED Cooler Lights


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CaseLight LED Cooler Lights for COMMERCIAL DISPLAY CASES replace fluorescent fixtures in cooler, refrigerated, freezer food and beverage display cases. Produced by ILT, a US-Based Manufacturer with 50 YEARS of Lighting Experience. Flexible CaseLight modules can be retrofitted into many different commercial cooler case configurations in both Grocery and Convenience Stores.


Key Features - CaseLight™ LED Cooler Lights for Refrigerated Display Cases

  • CaseLight Units Typically Ship Within ONE (1) WEEK of Order Receipt
  • Fast ROI - 18-20 Months - Even Faster With Rebates!
  • DLC Listed (DesignLights Consortium) for Rebate Eligibility - ILT DLC Qualified Products List (QPL)
    • Exceeds DLC Efficacy Requirements by More Than 60%! (80 vs. 50 Lumens per Watt)
  • Save Up To $63.00 / Door / Year vs. Traditional Fluorescent Display Case Lighting
    (CaseLight LED vs Fluorescent Tube PLUS Reduced Compressor Load)
  • Highest Color Rendering Index (CRI) Available – Reds Are Red, Blues Are Blue!
  • Unparalleled Customer Support from Initial Inquiry thru Final Installation (click to learn more)
  • CaseLight Design Provides Optimized Light Distribution Throughout Display Case for both Grocery and Convenience Store Installations
  • Rugged Construction - No Exposed Lenses to Crack or Break - Durable Aluminum Extrusion Construction Protects LEDs
  • Available in a Variety of Lengths: 48”, 60", 70”; Custom Lengths Also Available (OEM Inquiries Welcome)
  • 5 Year CaseLight Warranty
  • All CaseLight Modules Manufactured in USA
  • *FREE SAMPLE Available to Qualified Potential Customers in USA (Subject to ILT Approval) - Click Here to Learn More!
  • Ideal for Replacing Fluorescent Lights in Many Different Cooler Display Cases, Refrigerated Display Cases, Freezer Display Cases, Reach-in Display Cases, Vertical Display Cases, Heated Food Display Cases - Provides Ultimate Flexibility for Retrofit Installations
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International Light Technologies (ILT), a US company with 50 YEARS of lighting experience, manufactures CaseLight LED Cooler Lights for refrigerated display cases. CaseLight modules are designed to replace traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures in vertical refrigerated and freezer food and beverage display cases in Convenience and Grocery Stores.

Convenience and Grocery store managers KNOW they need to replace traditional fluorescent lighting in their refrigerated display cases with LED-based lighting modules. Why? Because of LED lighting's many advantages - REDUCED ENERGY CONSUMPTION, EXTREMELY LOW MAINTENANCE, and ELIMINATION OF HAZARDOUS WASTE ISSUES.

And ILT can deliver a TOTAL COST-EFFECTIVE LED LIGHTING SOLUTION with a Fast ROI of 18-20 MONTHS, even FASTER when utility company and federal/state government REBATES are included!

Another very interesting, but rarely quoted energy savings in Grocery stores: DOE estimates that every $1 of energy savings in a grocery store is equivalent to increasing sales revenue by $59! So when fluorescent lights are replaced with LED Lights in grocery store cooler cases, each cooler door is increasing annual sales revenue the equivalent of $3,717!

ILT CaseLight LED Cooler Light Display Case modules for refrigerated, freezer and heated display cases are constructed of aluminum extrusion with two rows of high efficiency LEDs set at an angle to provide the most effective distribution of light. And CaseLight optics are optimized for installation in both Grocery Store and Convenience Store display cases, providing ideal lighting for products located anywhere in the display case.

A 5 foot CaseLight LED Cooler Light display case module consumes less than 20W of input power, enabling up to 3 center units to be powered by a single 60W power supply.

Finally, don't overlook the importance of INSTALLATION FLEXIBILITY when evaluating LED cooler case modules, especially in retrofit situations. Store locations can have multiple cooler case designs from multiple generations of display case models and from several different cooler case door manufacturers. ILT LED CaseLight modules have been successfully retrofitted in a wide variety of cooler cases making them a retrofitter's best friend!


CaseLight LED Refrigerated Display Case Lighting System


ILT Provides BJ's Wholesale Clubs With Superior CaseLight LED Cooler Lights for Refrigerated Display Cases

"BJ's is committed to improving efficiency in our clubs, and improvements in efficiency ultimately translate to a better shopping experience for our Members,” said Kevin Moran, Manager of Energy at BJ's Wholesale Club. “International Light Technologies' expertise in LED lighting combined with their ability to truly understand what BJ’s needed resulted in a product that is robust, better for the environment and cost effective, which all positively impacts the shopping experience."




ILT understands that LED cooler display case lighting is a new technology for many potential Customers. That is why we provide UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER SUPPORT on ALL new and retrofit LED cooler display case lighting system inquiries, from initial conversation thru final installation.

NEXT STEP: If learning more about LED cooler display case lighting is high on your "to do" list, please contact Andrea Gregorio, LED Lighting Team Coordinator, today.

Based on that initial conversation, we will ship the appropriate sample CaseLight LED Cooler Light display case module to your location free of charge for your evaluation. And if you decide to go forward with the project, our team will design the installation and work with the light fixture installer of your choice to make sure that the CaseLight LED Cooler Light display case lighting system meets your expectations.

FREE DEMO UNITS Available to Qualified US Electricians & Electrical Contractors - Click Here to Learn More!

Please contact Andrea and the ILT LED Lighting Team today to learn more!



Looking for ways to reduce the cost of your CaseLight purchase? DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency) is a comprehensive source of information on U.S. state, local, utility and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. Here's a link to their Web site:

DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency)



Are you an Energy Management / Energy Services Company ("ESCO"), a Cooler Case Retrofitter ("Re-Skinner") or an Electrical Contractor that provides LED lighting retrofits? If yes, please contact the ILT LED Lighting Team to discuss adding CaseLight to your product portfolio!

While you're on the ILT Web site, please review our ENERGY-SAVING K2 Summit Series LED Sign Retrofit System for replacing fluorescent tubes or neon in exterior signs quickly and cost-effectively. Utilities have begun to allow ESCO's to include exterior illuminated sign replacements with LED sign modules in energy audits and in rebate programs.

If you'd like to speak to someone about this exciting new application, please contact Pete Couture, LED Lighting Director, today.







  • High Efficiency: Center unit - 1600 lumens @ less than 20W of power
  • Color Temperatures Available: 3500K, 4000K and 5000K
  • Lengths: 60” Standard; Available in 48” and 70”; Custom Lengths Also Available (OEM Inquiries Welcome)
  • Configurations: Center (2 rows of LEDs), Left & Right (1 row each)
  • CRI: 85 or greater; R9 of ~40
  • Maximum Measured Source Temperature (Tc): <45C (LED Rating – 78.1C)
  • Power Supply: 60W, 24VDC, >88% efficiency, Power Factor >0.90
  • Certifications: UL, NSF
  • Size: 1.17” thick X 2.18” wide
  • Finish: Brite clear anodize (polished aluminum)
  • Warranty: 5 year


Photo: CaseLight LED Cooler Light Center and Corner Modules:

CaseLight LED Cooler Lights Center and Corner Modules


Dimensions: CaseLight LED Cooler Light Center and Corner Modules:

Tech Drawing-CaseLight LED Refrigerated Display Case Center and Corner Modules


Polar Candela Distribution - CaseLight LED Cooler Light Systems

CaseLight LED Cooler Lights Polar Candela Distribution


Luminaire Input Votage (to power supply) Luminaire Input Current Luminaire Watts Power Factor
120VAC 185 mA 20W 0.99
Luminous Flux (lumens) Corr. Color Temp (K) Luminaire Efficacy (Lm/W)  
1750 5238 81  


CaseLight Part Numbers

You can build the appropriate part number by using the following example. For a 60” long, Brite anodize finish, white light, 3500K color temp., Center unit CaseLight LED Cooler Light Display Case Module – part number is ILT60-BAO-W35CE.

Lengths * ILT48-48" ILT60-60" ILT70-70"
Finishes BAO (Brite Aluminum Anodize, custom optic)
Color Temp. W35 - 3500K W40 - 4000K W50 - 5000K
Configuration CE - Center Unit RE - Right Unit LE - Left Unit


Price Info / Quotations

Please contact Andrea Gregorio, ILT LED Lighting Team Coordinator, to discuss your refrigerated display case lighting needs and to receive a price quote. We will be glad to help you select the correct CaseLight LED Cooler Light Display Case modules to meet your specific requirements. (NOTE: Our pricing is VERY competitive - it's just NOT listed on the Web site!)

Download Brochure:

ILT CaseLight LED Cooler Light Display Case Lighting System Data Sheet


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Additional CaseLight Documentation:

CaseLight Planning (Site Survey) Form

CaseLight Power Supply Wiring Diagram

CaseLight Installation Instructions

CaseLight Warranty


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