ILT1700 Bench-top research germicidal light measurement system


Part Number: ILT1700,SED240/W


Please see replacement ILT5000 product here.

The ILT1700 has been replaced the ILT5000 Radiometer which includes complimentary Datalight III software, faster measurement speeds, wireless data transmission, iPhone/iPad application, internal data storage, a broader measurement range and more…


Bench-Top Research Germicidal Light Measurement System

  • Industry Standard Research Radiometer
  • Direct Reading in Scientific Notation
  • Best Price Performance
  • Unsurpassed Reliability for 15 years
  • Dynamic Auto Ranging – no lost samples in pulsed
  • 10 Decade Dynamic Range
  • 0.1 Percent Linearity
  • 40 Decade Integration Range
  • Light Integration up to 18 Years
  • 10 Calibration Factors in Memory
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom & OEM Inquiries Welcome!
SED240W Response Curve


Configured to measure low intensity, low-pressure mercury lamps only.

Measurement Range: 1.00e-9 to 5.00e-4 Watts/cm2

UV Actinic Hazard Spectral Range: 185 – 320 nm, calibration wavelength at 254 nm

Dimensions: 60 mm x 42 mm diameter

Order part numbers: ILT1700 (meter), SED240/W (detector)

Applications: This detector has a peak spectral response at 254 nm and is designed to measure low-intensity, low-pressure mercury sources only. Since low-pressure mercury lamps produce better than 95% of their energy at 254 nm, they are easily measured by this detector without additional filtration.

SED SEL 240W Detector


W Cosign


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