ILT2500 For Low Light Measurement

ILT2500 Low Light Measurement

ILT2500 for Low Light Measurement

Part Number: ILT2500, SED033/Y4/L30-1 low light Illuminance/luminance


  • Large, 4.3" capacitive touch screen display 
  • Hand-held, ergonomic design 
  • Built-in Faraday Cage for low end stability 
  • Broadest measurement range in its class at 9 decades 
  • Flash measurement capability with: 
    • Flash App:  for 0 to 250 Hz with graphical profile 
    • Beacon App:  .3 to 1.4 Hz for NFPA72 strobe testing with programmable flash count, integral peak and frequency 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Custom and OEM inquiries welcome! 

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Hand-Held Illuminance /Luminance Meter

SED033/Y4/L30-1 Illuminance sensor is a versatile visible light sensor that can be calibrated to measure lux, foot-candles,candela, effective candela and luminance in Foot-lamberts, cd/m2 or Nits.  The Silicon based sensor is photopically corrected with our multilayer Y4 photopic correction filter and the L30-1 high gain lens that increases the signal 30 times for low light level measurements.  The lens has a +/- 8 degree field of view making it an excellent choice for luminance measurements as well as effective candela measurement at distances over 25 feet.

Measurement Range: 

Illuminance: 3e-4 to 3e+3 lux plus the factor for cd of a continuous source at any distance
Luminance: 5e-3 to 4e+4  fL
Spectral Range: 400-700 nm CIE human eye response
Dimensions:51 x 42 mm dia.
Ordering part#(s): ILT2500, SED033/U, Y4, L30-1, and YIS calibration for Illuminance and/or YLS calibration for Luminance.


Response curve


SED033 Detector



Aircraft lighting
Sign Luminance
Moon light illuminance
Low light photometry
Pulsed VIS light measurements
Brightness measurments
Beacon measurements
Effective Candela for distant sources over 25 feet
Night vision
Emergency lighting
Night pollution (Light pollution)