ILT2500 UV Flash Meter

ILT2500 UV Flash Meter for Xenon Pulsed UV Sources

ILT2500 UV Flash Meter

Part Number: ILT2500, SED270/QT

For Xenon Pulsed UV Sources


  • Custom Flash application for XenonTM lamps
  • Automatic zero
  • Flash profile
  • Flash integration
  • Flash counter
  • Integrates up to 250 readings per second
  • Hi and Low Range
  • Brilliant 4.3” touch screen display
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours
  • 4 GB data storage
  • 5V reverse nias
  • Operating temperature: 0-40oC
  • Size:1-3/5” H x 3” W x 6” L
  • CE certified: No RF noise 
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom & OEM inquiries welcome

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The ILT2400XE UV Flash Measurement System includes the ILT2500 hand-held flash optical meter, with SED270 SiC (silicon carbide) UV sensor and our custom Flash App developed specifically for Xenon Corporation. The ILT2500 XE is designed to measure pulsed UV sources across the range of 215 - 350 nm for applications including, UV curing, sterilization (germicidal /disinfection), mushroom irradiation to boost vitamin D, PE sintering, and process development / R&D. 








Response curve


Typical Measurement Range:  5e-7 to 2 W/cm2

  • High Light (3µA to 1 mA)  .001 to 2 W/cm2
  • Low Light (300 nA to 3 µA)   1µW/cm2 to 1 mW/cm2

Spectral Range: 215 – 350 nm
Dimensions: 60 mm x 42 mm diameter
Calibration: includes NIST Traceable, ISO17025 Accredited PIR single point calibration.

ILT2470 detector









Optional accessories:

  • OCAL/N/SAR-5 and OCAL/N/SUV provide cal factors in 5 or 1 nm increments, & plot.
  • A3MM Aperture, reduces sensitivity (measure up to 20 W/cm 2 with A3mm)

Flash App Specifications:

  • Automatic zero
  • Flash profile
  • Flash integration
  • Flash counter