ILT73-NB UVB Radiometer

UVB Radiometer

Directly Measures the UVB Output From A Multitude Of Conventional UVB Sources (DC - 60Hz)

  • NIST – traceable calibration
  • 4½ - digit readout
  • Spectral response (both models) 275 - 325 nm (10% pts.)
  • Calibration at 290 nm (ILT73CE) or 313 nm (ILT73-NBCE)
  • 3 foot detector cable
  • Simple 1-button operation, auto shutoff
  • 9 volt battery operated
  • Hold feature
  • Made in the USA

ILT_SpectralThe Model ILT73-NB is designed for measurement of TL-type UVB lamps and the Model ILT73 is designed for broader UVB sources.

The detector is filtered for a spectral range of 275-325 nm and comes with a calibration at 290 nm for broadband UVB sources (ILT73CE) or 313 nm for narrowband TL-type UVB sources (ILT73-NBCE).

Both models have a measurement range of 0.1-19.99 mW/cm2. Readings are taken using a single button, and the meter shuts off automatically after 2 minutes to preserve the life of the 9 volt battery.

The 4½ digit meter is enclosed in a removable cushioning boot (not shown) that protects the unit from accidental falls and acts as an instrument stand or hanger.

Each system is individually calibrated to NIST-traceable standards and is supplied with an appropriate certificate.