ILT960VIS-RAA4 Spectroradiometer for Visible Light Applications

ILT960VIS-RAA4 Spectroradiometer

ILT960VIS-RAA4 Spectroradiometer for Visible Light Applications

Part Number: ILT960VIS-RAA4

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  • Compact, portable design
  • 350 - 850 nm sensitivity range
  • VIS, UV, and full range UV-NIR calibrations available
  • Extensive software package included
  • Calculates both Radiometric and Photometric values
  • Broad light level range is adjustable
  • Linear and repeatable measurements
  • QTH/NIST Traceable, ISO17025 Accredited Calibration
  • Optional Dual Source Calibration for 200-850 Available


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The ILT960- VIS System 

The ILT960VIS-RAA4 is a complete light measurement system including a compact portable mini spectrometer, one meter fiber optic light quide, miniature right angle cosine correcting diffuser, tripod, carrying case, calibration and certification. The system is used to measure both the lights amplitude and wavelength and provides absolute spectral irradiance in W/m2/nm.

ILT's SpectrILight III software package is FREE with the purchase of an ILT spectrometer system.  DLL’s and expanded range of calibration is available for an extra fee.


Response Curve

Watch a demo of the ILT960 spectroradiometer with SpectrILight III software


SpectrILight III Software

SpectrILight™ III is a LabView™ based software package for Windows that allows you to acquire spectral and color data.  Analysis of the data is now calculated instantly within the same program - no exporting required!
SpectrILight™ III includes calculations for metamerism, and 2 and 10 degree observer. The overlay feature allows the user to compare the base reading to current readings.  Wavelength range, integration time, scan average and other controls can be easily set through pop up windows, menus and tool bars.  Absolute irradiance and chromaticity are calculated instantly.

ILT960UV scan
ILT960 graph


ILT960 graph 3


ILT960 graph 4


SpectrILight scan
Model ILT960-VIS
Detector CMOS Linear Sensor
Focal Length 60 mm
Wavelength Range 180 - 850 nm
Slit 25 um
Resolution <=1.2 nm
Optical Design Symmetrical Czerny-Tuner
SNR 330:01:00
Dynamic Range 3450
Integration Time 0.2 ms-1 min
Stray Light <.2%
Wavelength Accuracy +/- 0.3 nm
Dynamic Dark Correction Yes
Non-Linearity Calibration Yes
Wavelength Calibration Yes
Trigger Compatible Yes
Synchronization Compatible Yes
ADC 16 bits, 2.5 MHz
Data Transfer Speed:  
Operating Temp 0-50 Deg C
Interface USB 2.0 UART
Calibration NIST Traceable/ ISO17025 Accredited
Dimensions (mm) HxWxL 35.4 x 86 x 110
Power [email protected] (supply voltage 4.75-5.25)


Ranges with Input Optics

Optics ILT960-VIS
RAA4 200-850 (Dual Source)
W/A2 (+MPS2354P2Xd) 250-850 Dual Source
R2 380-850 (Single Source QTH)
R3 380-850 (Single Source QTH)
INS50 380-850 (300-850 Dual Source)
INS125 + P6/SMAW N/A
W5 250-850 (Dual Source)