LED Border Tube

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The New LED Border Tube from ILT - Endless Color Options. The LED Border Tube gives you and your clients the freedom to choose any specified translucent vinyl colors, logos and even full color graphics. The Possibilities are Truly Endless!


Applications - LED Border Tube:

  • Border Tube Retrofits
  • Sign Cabinet Border Tube
  • POP Display Border
  • Illuminated Full Color Graphics


Features - LED Border Tube:

  • Compatible with any Translucent Color or Graphics Available
  • Cutting Edge IP67 Extrusion
  • Low power consumption, 50ft on one power supply
  • Available in 96”, 72", 48”, 36”, 24”, 12” and 6” Lengths
  • Field Cuttable every two inches
  • Assembled in the USA
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • IP67
  • UL Listed in US and Canada
  • Price/Purchase Information - Contact ILT
  • LED Border Tube Data Sheet
LED Border Tube Photo
LED Border Tube

Specifications - LED Border Tube:

PART# Description Oper.
Current (mA) Watts LEDs / Tube Color Peak Wavelength Module
Dimensions (LxWxH)
Luminous Flux (lm/ft) Footage on
100 watt
power supply
ILT-BT-ZZZZ-A06 6" LED Border Tube 24V 13mA 0.9W 21 5000K 6"×1"x1.125" 105  50 ft
ILT-BT-ZZZZ-A12 12" LED Border Tube 24V 13mA 1.8W 42 5000K 12"×1"x1.125" 210  50 ft
ILT-BT-ZZZZ-A24 24" LED Border Tube 24V 13mA 3.6W 84 5000K 24"×1"x1.125" 420  50 ft
ILT-BT-ZZZZ-A36 36" LED Border Tube 24V 13mA 5.4W 126 5000K 36"×1"x1.125" 630  50 ft
ILT-BT-ZZZZ-A48 48" LED Border Tube 24V 13mA 7.2W 168 5000K 48"×1"x1.125" 840  50 ft
ILT-BT-ZZZZ-A72 72" LED Border Tube 24V 13mA 10.8W 252 5000K 72"×1"x1.125" 1260  50 ft
ILT-BT-ZZZZ-A96 96" LED Border Tube 24V 13mA 14.4W 328 5000K 96"×1"x1.125" 1680  50 ft
NOTE: "ZZZZ" represents the Manufacturer and Color of Translucent Vinyl. Example: ILT-BT-M033-A96 (M033 = 3M O33 RED)


Mechanicals - LED Border Tube:

LED Border Tube Mechanicals

Mounting Clip - LED Border Tube:
Part No. ILT-SHM30717P1

LED Border Tube Mounting Clip



ILT LED Border Tube Datasheet (PDF)


Specifications subject to change without notice.