LED Signage

LED Products for Illuminated Signs and LED Border Tube (LED Signage Division)

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LED Border Tube

ILT LED Border Tube

The New LED Border Tube from ILT - Endless Color Options. The LED Border Tube gives you and your clients the freedom to choose any specified translucent vinyl colors, logos and even full color graphics. The Possibilities are Truly Endless!


ILT K2 Summit LED Sign Modules   ILT K2 Summit LED Sign Modules

ILT K2 Summit Series LED Sign Modules

For single & double faced shallow sign cabinets up to 3” from the face. K2 TurnLoc™ mounting system: insert pin into K2 RAIL, turn 90 degrees to lock in place. Also used to retrofit lighting in Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) interior, exterior menu signs, etc.
BASE LED Sign Modules

BASE Series LED Sign Modules

The Base Series 1X2 and 1X3 LED Sign Modules deliver high lumen out-put through a fully integrated 160 degree beam angle lens at a very cost-effective price.
Light Edge Summit Series

Light Edge LED Sign Modules

Designed for 3” to 6” double faced Sign Cabinet. The integrated 10 x 45 degree optical lens transforms the light into a focused “Light Edge”. This allows the module to be placed on the perimeter of the cabinet up to 48” in wide.
LED Flexible Circuits

Flexible LED Circuits

Full line of flexible LED light strips for specialized signage, general accent, and cove lighting applications.

ILT RGB LED Sign Modules

Red, Green and Blue (RGB) LEDs mounted in a 1X3 module configuration
ILT LED Awning Illuminator

ILT LED Awning Illuminator

Designed for Awning Illumination & Awning Retrofits, low power consumption, high lumen output, no exposed lenses to break or crack, 5 year warranty.
ILT LED Marquee Lamps

ILT LED Marquee Lamps

LED Marquee Lamps - S14 premium glass, E26 medium base, 40,000 hour life, 1.4 watt power consumption.
SignLight LED Floodlight

SignLight LED Floodlight

Fully integrated self adjusting power supply allows a direct connection to 100-277 AC voltage.Versatile mounting bracket, supports multiple installation methods.
Summit LED Sign Modules

Summit Series LED Sign Modules

High-quality, bright and super bright line of 1x1, 1x2 and 2x2 LED modules for superior Cabinet illumination.
Ascent LED Sign Modules

Ascent Series LED Sign Modules

High-quality, bright and super bright next generation Ascent 1x3 and 2x3 LED modules - Tighter consistency, higher output
ILT 2x3 SideView LED Sign Module

ILT-2X3-SV "SideView" LED Sign Modules

ILT Innovations 2x3 SideView LED Sign Module designed specifically for shallow depth channel letters (up to 2"), sign cabinets, and many shallow back light applications.
ILT Sign Module Power Supplies

LED Sign Module Power Supplies

30 Watt and 60 Watt Power Supplies for use with ILT LED Sign Modules.
ILT LED Sign Retrofit Rail System   ILT LED Sign Retrofit Rail System

Deep Cabinet ILT LED Sign Retrofit Rail System

Simple, easy system to retrofit fluorescent or neon lit signs with LED Modules.
Applications include Single and Double-Faced Cabinets, Fuel Price Signs, Fuel Pump Canopy Fascia, Logo Signs, Pylon Signs and Large Channel Letters.
ILT LED Sign Module Counter SmartPhone App

ILT LED Sign Module Counter - SmartPhone App

Quickly calculate the number of ILT LED Sign Modules and LED power supplies required to illuminate Sign Cabinets or Channel Letter Signs.
ILT10 / ILT10C Light Meters

ILT10C Hand-Held Lux / Foot-Candle Light Meter

Need a Light Meter? ILT’s most economical light measurement system. The ILT10C reads out in Lux or Foot Candles. Designed for use in a wide variety of applications needing a quick, accurate light measurement. The ILT10C comes with NIST traceable, ISO 17025 accredited calibration. Purchase in ILT's online store!