Belt Radiometers

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The ILT Belt Radiometer was the world’s first one-button, real-time diagnostic tool for assuring proper exposure in UV curing processes and optimum operation of conveyorized UV curing chambers.

The ILT400/ILT490 Belt Radiometers are extremely rugged and easy to operate. With proper care and annual calibration service these meters will give you many years of dependable, accurate service.

The ILT400 and ILT490 Belt Radiometers use an ultra-stable amplifier technology for lower noise, greater speed and higher accuracy. They graphically display the performance of each UV lamp and reflector in your system. A stored reference plot allows you to compare, on-the-spot, the current performance of the UV curing system with the base line. The information is provided instantly and allows the operator to see the uniformity of the UV illumination.

Additional improvements over the original ILT Belt Radiometers (IL390 / IL290 and the IL393) include built-in rechargeable batteries with universal charger which means less downtime and is better for the environment.

Measurement Range: 5 mJ/cm2 to 20 J/cm2 (5 mW/cm2 to 20 W/cm2). Graphic Profiling begins at 5 mW/cm2.

ILT400 Profiling Belt Radiometer

ILT400 Profiling Belt Radiometer
The ILT400 Series includes a solid-state detector and is available in 3 versions:
ILT400BAV (275 - 485 nm)
ILT400UVA (315 - 390 nm)
(ILT400UVV discontinued)

ILT490 Profiling Belt Radiometer

ILT490 Profiling Belt Radiometer
The ILT490 includes the same vacuum phototube and filtration as the original IL390 (ILT490) and IL290 (ILT490C) now with the profiling features and rechargeable battery. The ILT490 is available in 2 versions:
ILT490 (250 - 400 nm)
ILT490C (205 - 345 nm)