Light Meters

ILT1700 Research RadiometerILT5000 Research RadiometerILT5000 Research RadiometerILT1000 Light Meter, Data Logger and MonitorILT10C Hand-Held Light MeterILT400, 490 Belt RadiometersILT70 Series Light MetersILT2400 Hand-Held Radiometer

Technical Specifications Comparison: ILT1000, ILT1400, ILT1700, ILT2400, ILT5000

Full line of light meters from economical lux/foot candle light meters to calibrated, NIST-traceable radiometers and photometers with a comprehensive selection of light detectors for measuring a variety of visible, UV, and infrared light sources such as lamps, LEDs, and lasers.

Light Measurement & Detection Product PRICES are NOT listed on this Web site EXCEPT for the ILT10C Light Meter - that light meter can be purchased online.

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ILT5000 Research Radiometer

ILT5000 Research Radiometer

NEW Product!

Improvements include rapid measurements (1-100hz), a broader dynamic range (100fA to 1mA), extensive supporting software apps, built-in wireless, data storage, and rechargeable batteries!

Rack Mounted Multi-System also available: ILT6000

ILT1000 Light Meter, Monitor & Data Logger

ILT1000 Light Meter, Monitor & Data Logger

NEW Product!

Most versatile UV, VIS, and IR datalogging optometer available. Perform Multi-Point, Wireless, Remote Light Monitoring & Data Logging.
Applications: UV Monitoring, Process Monitoring, UV Curing, Plant Photobiology, Thin Film Deposition, Ribbon Clarity/Glass Production, Liquid Turbidity & Transmission Measurements.

ILT2400 Hand-held Light Meter / Optometer

ILT2400 Hand-held Light Meter / Optometer with TouchScreen

NEW Product!

The most advanced hand held light meter and optometer on the market today. ILT’s Accuspan™ software automatically sets the averaging while rapidly measuring over 8 decades of light intensities.

ILT10C Light Meter

ILT10C Hand-Held Lux / Foot-Candle Light Meter

NEW Product!

ILT’s most economical and easy-to-use light measurement system. The ILT10C reads out in Lux or Foot Candles in the Visible range (400-700 nm). Designed for use in a wide variety of applications needing a quick, accurate light measurement. The ILT10C comes with NIST traceable, ISO 17025 accredited calibration. Purchase in ILT's online store!

ILT6000 Process Monitor

ILT6000 Rack Mount Multi-System Radiometer / Optometer

NEW Product!

Run Multiple Systems Simultaneously Allowing Measurements from 2 to Hundreds of Units! ALL IL/ILT1700 & ILT5000 Detectors, Filters, Optics Compatible with ILT6000
ILT1700 Research Radiometer / Photometer

ILT1700 Research Radiometer

THE research light meter for the last 20 YEARS. 10 decade dynamic range, stores up to 10 calibration factors. USB and RS232-C outputs for datalogging. NIST Certified.

ILT400 & ILT490 Belt Radiometers

ILT400 & ILT490 Belt Radiometers

Redesigned from the ground up with advanced computer technology allowing sophisticated UV light measurement, UV lamp system profiling and graphing. The ideal instrument for monitoring UV illumination in conveyorized UV curing chambers.




ILT light meters are easy-to-use high performance instruments perfect for use as photometers (lux meters), intensity meters (candela), curing meters (dose and exposure meters), power meters (watts or lumens), and flash meters (Xenon or LED strobe lamps)

ILT Light Meters, Radiometers and Photometers can be configured with almost any one of our large selection of application-specific light sensors (light detectors), except belt radiometers (ILT400 and 490) which are self-contained and have specific spectral response models available.

Light Meter Definitions from the ILT Light Measurement Glossary:

Photometer: A device for measuring luminous intensity or luminance. A photometer employs a photopic filter which has a band pass that is matched to the human eye response. The S.I. units employed are lumens and lux.

Radiometer: A device for measuring the intensity or accumulation of radiant energy.

Radiometry: The science of radiation measurement. The detection and measurement of radiant energy either at specific wavelengths or band passes or as a function of wavelength over a broad spectrum. The measurement of the interaction of light with matter as to absorption, transmission, and reflectance.