Reflector Lamp Assemblies

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ILT reflector lamp assemblies include custom manufactured lamps with unique application specifications.

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Custom Reflector Lamp Assemblies

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Reflector Lamp Assemblies

Custom Lamp Assemblies

Reflector lamps are an excellent choice when lighting applications require di­rectional control of emitted light. The use of a reflector can increase light out­put two to five times. Ellipsoidal reflectors collect the lamp output and focus it forward into an intense pattern. Dichroic reflectors allow most of the light with wavelengths longer than 700 nanometers to pass through the reflector. This effectively selects only the visible portion of the light to form the beam. These lamps are recommended for fiber optic illumination, machine vision, and other optical systems requiring high output. These reflectors are available in MR11 and MR16 sizes.

Our aluminum reflector assemblies are available in sizes ranging from 9.5mm to 25mm diameter. These assemblies produce a small, uniform, high intensity light spot and are ideal for use in fiber optic illumination and gas sensing ap­plications. Unlike the dichroic reflector, the aluminum reflector projects all light forward, including the UV and the infrared portions. Some of these assemblies are available with a threaded lamp holder allowing for easy manipulation of the light beam and focal distance. We can also permanently bond the lamps into the reflector to create a prefocused spot.

The dichroic reflector lamps and the aluminum reflectors mentioned above can also be supplied with a gold coating. This layer of gold provides for increased reflection in the infrared (see "Costing Reflectance by Wavelength" figure). Applications of gold coated reflec­tors include open field IR gas detection, local infrared heating, and remote test­ing of flame detectors.

Our T-% and T-1 visible/infrared lamps are designed for applications requiring wide spectrum emission, such as gas sensing and detection.

These lamps are made with a rugged, compact CC-6 filament that concentrates infrared energy into a small point. The thin glass envelope results in minimal infrared absorption. Peak energy of these lamps occurs at 1.4 microns and ex­tends beyond 4.0 microns. The visible/infrared lamps have been designed for long life and can be supplied with standard wire leads or a bi-pin base.

In addition to the lamp holders described previously in this catalog we offer a rugged cast aluminum housing for use with MR11 and MR16 lamps. This hous­ing makes it easy to mount these lamps in a safe protective enclosure.