Large selection of UV-LEDs (265 nm to 400 nm), horticultural LEDsthru-hole LEDs (also called discrete LEDs), and surface mount device LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) in various colors, sizes, and shapes to meet your need.

NOTE: If you are developing a new product that will require a small quantity of LEDs for prototyping, please contact ILT directly so that we can help you select and optimize the best source for your application.

ILT can also help with your LED Test Measurement & Characterization needs




ILT offers a wide range of UV LEDs (UVA-LEDs, UVB-LEDs and UVC-LEDs) from 265 nm up to 400 nm in many package styles. If you do not see a UV-LED with the power output you need, please contact ILT as there are many other package types currently under development.

Horticultural LEDs

Horticultural Plant Growth, Aquarium LEDs

Build your own grow light with ILT's Growth LEDs with silicon lenses. LEDs come in 5 versions: UVA-Violet with a peak at 405 nm (390 and 395 nm are also available); Blue with peaks at 445 and 465 nm; Red and Far Red with peaks at 660 and 745 nm.


Thru Hole LEDs

Thru-Hole LEDs - Visible & IR LEDs

Large selection of Thru-Hole LEDs (also called Discrete LEDs) including T-1, and T-1 3/4 Standard Current, Low Current, Flat & Short, Bi Color, Bi Color 3 Lead, Right Angle, Right Angle Bi Color Short, Right Angle Bi Level, Right Angle Bi Level Bi Color, Rectangular, Rectangular Bi Color, and Phototransistor; T-3 1/4, T-3 1/4 Bi Color, Flashing.


Surface Mount LEDs

Surface Mount LEDs - Visible & IR LEDs

Large selection including Gull Wing, Rectangular Lens, Round Lens, Surface Mount with Resistor & White, Bi Color, Infrared, Right Angle-Side Lighting.