UV-LEDs from ILT - Part Numbers, Prices & Specifications


Recent improvements in UV-LED flux density, stability and life hours have made UV-LEDs a viable solution for replacing traditional UV light sources such as mercury arc lamps, arch lamps, hot and cold cathode lamps and grid lamps.

UV LEDs are more environmentally friendly as they do not contain harmful mercury, do not produce ozone and consume less energy.

Use of UV LEDS is now rapidly growing in applications such as air, surface and water sterilization (germicidal - UVGI), digital printing, pesticide detection, phototherapy, as a UVA/UVB source for plant growth, nail art and polish curing, UV curing of environmentally friendly curing formulations, counterfeit detection, black lights, bio-analysis, medical, sensing etc.

ILT “SL” UV LEDs have a silicon lens which offers protection to the most sensitive areas. Recent improvements include a change in the rating of the life house (i.e. 1008 hours 50% with a 10% improvement changes to 1008 hours at 60%).

And as manufacturing costs have decreased, ILT is passing these saving on to our customers with lower pricing.


A variety of intensities, wavelengths, chip sets, and package types are available. Please contact our UV-LED Sales Director and we will gladly quote you a UV LED solution to meet your needs.

Please use the UV-LED Specification Table below to select the correct UVA-LED, UVB-LED or UVC-LED configuration for your application. Click on Part Number(s) in the table for Purchasing information.

Link to UV-LED Data Sheet

ILT also offers developer kits for UV-LEDs designed to help streamline the testing process. Click here to learn more about the applications our kits are packaged for.


UV-LED Specifications

UVC LED Life Test Data

Warning - ESD Damage and Soldering Instructions for E265SL, E305SL, E365SL, E395SL and E405SL - Read Before Purchasing

UV-LED spectrum  germicidal effectiveness graph


Click on Part Number(s) in this table for Purchasing information.

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Part No. LED Type Wavelength (nm) Output (mW)
E265SL UVC-LED 260-265 0.22-0.5
E275P UVC-LED 270-280 1-1.6
E305SL UVC-LED 305-315 1
E365L UVA-LED 365-370 30-40
E365SL UVA-LED 361-371 135
E395L UVA-LED 390-400 320
E395SL UVA-LED 387-392 680
E405SL UV-VIS LED 400-410 557