Workstation Custom LED Lighting Retrofit Solution


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Workstation LED Lighting Retrofit    Workstation Lighting

Key Features - Medical Device Workstation Custom LED Lighting Retrofit Solution

Application – Work-station Lighting
End-user – Medical Instrument Company – multiple work stations requiring lighting upgrade
Partner – National Lighting Services Company


  • Objective – Improve illumination of work station areas while maintaining the flexibility for reconfiguring work-stations as needed with no electrician involvement.
  • Incumbent Technology – Nothing or old under-cabinet T8 fluorescents.
  • Problem – Provide plug-in task light in specific lengths with integrated power supply. Customer desires to turn On/Off all fixtures (up to 6) in an area with one power strip. Power level and color rendering important to insure adequate light distribution and quality.
  • Challenge – Volumes are at 100 or less, not enough to justify a completely custom fixture, but enough to warrant some minor modifications. Need to use an existing fixture and configure to use a plug-in, wall-wart style power supply.


Solution – The Awning Illuminator structure and light output will work well for this application. It is a low-profile heat-sink extrusion which can be designed to various lengths. The flex strip used emits a significant amount of light, >400 lumens/foot.

  1. Using Duris E5 LEDs, the Awning Illuminator was configured to a 45” length to provide more than 1700 lumens at 20W.
  2. A plug-in power supply was adapted to the end of the cable providing adequate length to reach the power strip in the work area.
  3. Installation achieved the goal of plug-in only and no electrician involvement.
  4. Cost – Minimized by selecting an off-the-shelf power supply, use of existing extrusion and LED strip designs. Custom size accomplished at little or no additional cost.


Unparalleled Customer Support

ILT understands that custom LED lighting retrofit solutions is a new technology for many potential Customers. That is why we provide UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER SUPPORT on ALL custom LED lighting retrofit solution inquiries, from initial conversation thru final installation.

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