Manuals & Documentation

Systems Division Product Manuals:

ILT5000 Instruction Manual

ILT1000 Instruction Manual

ILT1000-ILT5000 Troubleshooting Guide

ILT2400 Instruction Manual

DataLight III Meter Software Manual

DataLight and DataLight II Installation Manuals & Troubleshooting Guides
Separate Web page where links to ALL of these manuals & guides are listed.

Installation Guide for the ILT950

Quick Start Guide for the ILT950

SpectrILight III ILT950 Spectral Analysis Software Manual

Manual for Software that Ships with ILT950

ILT1700 USB Version Manual (PDF)

Operators manual for newer version USB ILT1700's

ILT1700 Troubleshooting Tips (PDF)

If your ILT1700 is not reading properly, try these troubleshooting tips before returning your unit for evaluation

IL1700/ILT1700 Older Version Operators Manual (PDF)

Operators manual for IL1700's and older version ILT1700 (non-USB versions only) instruments

IL1700/ILT1700 Software Connection Troubleshooting Guide

Useful guide to help troubleshoot ILT1700/IL1700 to PC RS232 or USB connection problems

ILT1700 Connector Pinout Sheet (PDF)

ILT1700 Detector & Accessory Connector Pinout Sheet (PDF) - NOV-27-2007

IL1700 Serial Cable Information

Recommended Serial Adapter Cable For IL1700 To 9pin PC Serial Port

A803 User Manual

ILT1400 Manual - Rev4

Manual for ILT1400 Meters having both Membrane Keypad and USB Port

ILT1400 Manual - Membrane Keypad

ILT1400 Manual - Button Keypad

Oscilloscope Flash Measurement Schematic

ILT OPM1 Manual, Fiber-Coupled Version

ILT OPM1 Manual, Remote Detector Version

INS250 Manual (PDF)

INS250N 10-Inch Integrating Sphere Manual (PDF)

IL390C & IL290A Manual (PDF)

ILT400/ILT490 Operators Manual

A430 Optical Amplifier Board Manual (PDF)

ILT393 Manual

RPS380 Operators Manual

ILT900 Changing Max Irradiance Scale Tech Note

ILT900 Changing Max Irradiance Scale Tech Note (PDF)

ILT801 8-Channel DAQ Operators Manual

ILT900 Spectroradiometer Operators Manual

ILT70 Series Radiometer Operators Manual


LED Lighting Division Product Installation Manuals:

Links to CaseLight, CanopyLight, etc. Product Installsation Manuals located at bottom of each product Web page and on the LED Lighting Partner Resources Web page.