SpectriLight Tools Analysis Pak

SpectrILight Tools Analysis Pak

SpectriLight Tools is a powerful Excel® app that accepts 1 nm resolution input files and calculates all standard spectral parameters such as lux, scotopic intensity, UVA,B,C,VIS, PAR including Einsteins, Chromaticity, Dominant and Complementary wavelength, Color Purity, CCT, CRI, Solar Simulator and more. User-selectable bands can be defined interactively, and user-defined weighting functions can also be installed.

Excel® App accepts 1 nm resolution data between 200 and 1100 nm

Power analysis: Total, Visible, UVC, UVB (US, Europe, DIN), UVA, UVV, Photopic, Scotopic, interactive user-set limits, user-defined weighting function

Chromatic analysis: x, y, coordinates and display, u’, v’, coordinates and display, Dominant Wavelength and Purity, Complementary Wavelength and Purity, General Color Rendering Index (CRI) 14 Special Color Rendering Indices, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

Biological analysis: PAR (microEinsteins), Red/Far Red ratio, ISO17166 Effective Erythemal

Solar Simulator: ASTM E 927-05 evaluation and reference comparison, Mil Std 810F evaluation

Available to ILT customers upon request. Please contact a sales representative for more information

Updates to the latest versions of SpectriLight and SpectrILight Tools software is included as part of the standard ILT900 recalibration service. Click here for more information on recalibrating your ILT900.