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LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kits for Gas Pump Canopies


Canopy Light LED Retrofit Kits Produced by ILT, a US-Based Manufacturer with 50 YEARS of Lighting Experience - Under-Canopy LED Canopy Light Fixtures That Replace Existing Metal Halide Light Fixtures in Gas Station Fuel Pump Canopies. Cost-Effective (LOWEST INSTALLED COST!), Energy Efficient, Bright Light, Long Lifetime.


Key Features - CanopyLight-8K™ LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kits


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Overview - LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kits for Gas Station Fuel Pump Canopies

International Light Technologies (ILT), a US-based manufacturer with 50 YEARS of lighting experience, produces LED-based lighting products that provide REDUCED ENERGY CONSUMPTION, EXTREMELY LOW MAINTENANCE, and SUPERIOR LIGHT DISTRIBUTION CHARACTERISTICS.

ILT's Canopy Light LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kits are designed to replace existing under-canopy metal halide light fixtures in gas station fuel pump canopies easily and cost-effectively.

CanopyLight LED canopy light retrofit kits use the existing metal halide light fixture canopy mounting - no need to disrupt canopy seals during installation, eliminating potential roof leaks common with other canopy light retrofit procedures.

This retrofit procedure also produces THE LOWEST INSTALLED COST ON THE MARKET - 75% LESS TIME TO INSTALL (15 MINUTES vs. 1 HOUR) and that time savings is cost savings for our Customers!

CanopyLight LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kits provide all of the advantages of LED-based lighting versus metal halide lamps – much longer life, much lower energy consumption and much better lighting characteristics – brighter light focused on gas pumps and fueling areas.

ILT CanopyLight-Plus Installation - Framingham MA

ILT CanopyLight-8K Installation
Framingham, MA (USA)
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Exceptional Customer Support

ILT understands that LED-based canopy lighting is a new technology for many facility managers. That is why we provide EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT on all CanopyLight LED canopy light retrofit kit inquiries, from initial conversation thru final installation.

NEXT STEP: If learning more about LED-based canopy lighting is high on your "to do" list, please contact Andrea Gregorio, LED Lighting Team Coordinator, today.

If you decide to go forward with your CanopyLight LED Canopy Light retrofit project, we will design the installation and work with the light fixture installer of your choice to make sure that the CanopyLight LED Retrofit Kit meets your gas station fuel pump lighting needs.

Please contact Andrea and the ILT LED Lighting Team today to learn more!

LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kits for Gas Pump Canopies


State-By-State Renewable Energy Incentives Info

Looking for ways to reduce the cost of your LED canopy light purchase? DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency) is a comprehensive source of information on U.S. state, local, utility and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. Here's a link to their Web site:

DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency)

ILT CanopyLight-Plus Installation - Denver, CO Area

ILT CanopyLight-8K Installation
Denver, CO Area
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Representative Inquiries Welcome

Are you an Energy Management / Energy Services Company ("ESCO") or an Electrical Distributor that does business directly with Gas Stations, or with Convenience Stores or Grocery Stores that sell gasoline? If yes, please contact the ILT LED Lighting Team to discuss adding CanopyLight LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kits to your product portfolio!

While you're on the ILT Web site, please review our ENERGY-SAVING LED Sign Retrofit Rail System for replacing fluorescent tubes or neon in exterior signs quickly and cost-effectively. Utilities have begun to allow ESCO's to include exterior illuminated sign fixture replacements with LED sign modules in energy audits and in rebate programs.

If you'd like to speak to someone about this exciting new application, please contact Pete Couture, LED Lighting Director, today.

ILT CanopyLight-Plus Installation - Georgia

ILT CanopyLight-8K Installation
Georgia (USA)
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ILT LED Lighting Division Association Memberships:



LED Array - CanopyLight-8K LED Retrofit Module:

LED Array Closeup - LED Canopy-Plus Light Retrofit Kits for Gas Pump Canopies


CanopyLight-8K Illuminance at Distance

Illuminance at Distance - CanopyLight-Plus LED Retrofit System


CanopyLight Fixtures can fit lens openings from 12.75" square to 21.5" square
(21.5" large square shroud photo below).

CanopyLight - Large Form Factor

CanopyLight Large Square Shroud Installation.

ILT CanopyLight-Plus Large Format Shroud Installation

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CanopyLight-8K LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kit Specifications:

Optical Specs CanopyLight-8K
LED Spec & Quantity 36X1W (White) LED
LED Color Temperature 5000K
Luminaire Efficiency >88.5 Lm/W
LED Efficiency 115 Lm/W
Initial Delivered Lumen Tj = 25°C 8,000 Lm (provides excellent light intensity for majority of canopy light installations)
Illuminance Distribution at 10 ft 49.6 FC (Single Unit)
Color Rendering Index Ra > 70
Beam Angle 80°
Electrical Specs CanopyLight-8K
Input Voltage & Frequency AC 100-277 V, 50-60 Hz
Power Factor >0.97 @ 277 VAC
Input Current <0.75 A (110 V)
Total Power Consumption <90 W
Power Supply Efficiency >90%
Other Specs CanopyLight-8K
Operating Temperature & Humidity -30 to 50°C / 10-90% RH
Storage Temperature -40~60°C
Dimensions (Multiple Shroud
Dimensions Available)
Minimum: L 12.75” X W 12.75” X D 3.5”
Maximum: L 21.5” X W 21.5” X D 3.5”
Net Weight 6.5 Lbs.
IP Rating IP65
Lifespan >84,000 Hrs.
Warranty 5 Years


Price Info / Quotations

Please contact Andrea Gregorio, ILT LED Lighting Team Coordinator, to discuss your gas station fuel pump canopy lighting needs and to provide a price quote. We will be glad to help you select the correct CanopyLight LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kit to meet your gas pump lighting needs. (NOTE: Price information is NOT listed on this Web site.)

Need To Evaluate Our Canopy Light? Discounted Pricing on Initial Purchase of Up to 4 Units Available

CanopyLight-8K Part Numbers

Description CanopyLight-8K
For Large Format Dakota* (21.50" x 21.50") ILTCPY-W50H-G-D
Lg. Format for Drop Box 20.375” Square ILTCPY-W50H-GD1
Lg. Format for Drop Box 20.675” Square ILTCPY-W50H-GD2
Lg. Format for Drop Box 16.875” Square ILTCPY-W50H-GD3
Lg. Format for Drop Box 20.00” Square ILTCPY-W50H-GD4
For Richmond* 8” x 16.50” ILTCPY-W50H-GD5
For Rectangular Lens 8.65” x 18.65” ILTCPY-W50H-GD6
Flushmount, 17.50” Square ILTCPY-W50H-GD7
Flushmount, 20.00” Square ILTCPY-W50H-GD8
For Whiteway 14.38” Square ILTCPY-W50H-GD9
Lg. Format Drop Box 21.00” Square ILTCPY-W50H-GD0
For Scottsdale* 12.75” x 12.75” ILTCPY-W50H-S-D

Download the CanopyLight-8K Data Sheet:

ILT CanopyLight-8K LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kit Data Sheet


Additional CanopyLight Documents:

CanopyLight Installation Instructions

CanopyLight Warranty



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  * CanopyLight-8K formerly called "CanopyLight-Plus"
** Scottsdale, Richmond and Dakota are registered trademarks of LSI Industries