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1. A MINIMUM ORDER OF $65.00 (US) is Required. Please Use CREDIT CARD BILLING ADDRESS to Complete Order.

2. MASSACHUSETTS Customers - Online Orders are AUTOMATICALLY Charged State Tax. If you are TAX EXEMPT, you must contact ILT Immediately after ordering online to avoid being charged MA state tax.

3. FIRST-TIME INTERNATIONAL CREDIT CARD ORDERS Take 3-5 Business DAYS to Process. Please Call or Email ILT Sales To Expedite First-Time Orders.

4. INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: Online Order FREIGHT ESTIMATES are for small shipments. For large shipments, ILT Customer Service will email you an updated freight quote and wait for your approval before shipping the order. For small or large orders, ILT will use your company's shipping account information if you include the shipper name and account number with the order.


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