ILT Launches LED Border Tube

International Light Technologies (ILT), a leading designer and manufacturer of LED Sign Modules, is pleased to announce the introduction of the all new ILT LED Border Tube.


Photo: LED Border Tube Ad - Signs of the Times Magazine


Case Study: Cosmetic Display Custom LED Lighting Retrofit Solution

ILT produces a number of custom LED lighting retrofit solutions every year, many of them for companies in the commercial/retail sector.

This custom LED lighting solution involved improving the overall lighting of retail cosmetic display cases in hundreds of drug stores across the USA.

ILT was approached by this company to see if a low cost LED retrofit lighting solution could be created for many hundreds of exiting cosmetic diplay cases.  Here's a synopsis of the challenge:

Low Profile Detector for UV-C Light Measurement

An ILT Custormer recently contacted ILT Technical Sales with a specific detector requirement. Jennifer, one of ILT's Technical Sales Representatives, responded with detailed information about the appropriate detector for this application.  We added her response as a blog post because we thought this information would be useful to other engineers having the same measuement requirements.

Customer question:

Help Selecting an Underwater UV-Vis Light Measurement System

A researcher recently contacted ILT with the following light measurement application:

"For my master research project, I am looking for a device to measure visible light, UVA and UVB radiation (W/m2 or W/cm2) underwater. I was  wondering whether or not your light meters are able to do so? Could you give me some additional information on the devices that could be used?"


Creative Use of ILT LED Lighting Products in a Home

International Light Technologies (ILT) was contacted in early 2016 by a local electrical contractor, M-Raz Electric, to assist with some unique architectural lighting applications on a new, high-end ($2M+) home in Winchester, MA. M-Raz has been consulting with ILT for more than 7 years and brings some challenging applications and ideas to ILT to discuss.

Here are some photos and descriptions of the various applications completed in this home:

Help Selecting a UV-Vis Light Measurement System

Below is a recent inquiry from a potential customer looking for more information on making a particular light measurement:

"My company needs to measure the output of a metal halide lamp operating between 340 and 440 nm. We need to measure the output of this lamp but we have never used a radiometer. We are looking for system that will improve consistency and keep track of the production of this light source for when the bulb starts to go bad.

ILT Announces Photonics West Contest Winner

ILT is pleased to announce that Mr. Eric Kaltenbacher, SRI International, St. Petersburg, FL won our FREE Meter Drawing held recently at the SPIE Photonics West Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Eric chose to receive the new ILT350 Illuminance Spectrophotometer.

ILT LED Lighting Products - Marriott Hotel Dayton Ohio

International Light Technologies (ILT) was contacted in early 2015 by an architectural firm, Gary Brink & Associates, to assist with some unique LED architectural lighting applications at a new AC Marriott Hotel in Liberty Township, OH.

Here is a list of the various applications, how ILT was successful in providing high quality, cost effective LED lighting solutions and application photos.

Multiple ILT1000 Systems Used in UV-C Effectiveness Study

Impact of Room Location on UV-C Irradiance and UV-C Dosage and Antimicrobial Effect Delivered by a Mobile UV-C Light Device

Journal: Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology

Authors: John M. Boyce, MD; Patricia A. Farrel, MT; Dana Towle, EdD; Renee Fekieta, PhD; Michael Aniskiewicz, MT

ILT Launches All New ILT350 Illuminance Spectrophotometer

Low Cost, Hand-Held, Easy-to-Use Lux and Color Measurement Spectrophotometer

International Light Technologies (ILT), a leading designer and manufacturer of light measurement and detection systems, is pleased to announce the introduction of the all new ILT350 Illuminance Spectrophotometer.


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