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ILT, a US company in business for over 50 YEARS, produces Light Measurement Systems, Specialty Light Sources, LED Sign Modules for use in Illuminated Signs, and Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures to replace inefficient light fixtures in gas pump canopies, food and beverage open and cooler cases, and architectural lighting. ILT also produces CUSTOM PRODUCT SOLUTIONS in ALL product areas.


What's New

ILT LED Border Tube

New LED Border Tube

The New LED Border Tube from ILT - Endless Color Options. The LED Border Tube gives you and your clients the freedom to choose any specified translucent vinyl colors, logos and even full color graphics.

The Possibilities are Truly Endless!








Calibration Services

Calibration Services

ILT Calibration Services

As our customers have adopted quality manufacturing standards such as ISO17025 and ISO9001, their need for annual NIST traceable re-calibrations has also increased. To meet this demand, ILT has expanded our calibration lab and our standard calibration service offering to include non-ILT light meter and system calibrations (the "C" part numbers on the calibration services Web page).
ILT can also scan 10mm cuvettes for transmission or absorbance ("CSTM" calibrations). 


Know how much light is getting through with ILT’s professional grade meters.


ILT sells radiometers and spectrometers that can be used to measure the spectrum and transmittance of light through objects such as glass, plastics, lenses, metal, thin film, window tint screens, sun glasses, light blocking fabrics and solar viewing glasses (as seen on the Today's Show segment on the upcoming solar eclipse). We cover the range from UV to IR and offer systems allowing calibrated or relative values. Systems include the ILT's Datalight or Spectrilight light measurement software at no additional cost.


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Featured Product

ILT UV LED Developer’s Kit

ILT’s UV LED Developer’s Kits are designed to take the guess work out of the testing process.

These off-the-shelf kits are designed to give researchers and product developers a plug-and-play solution for proof of concept and design testing. Each kit comes with a high-powered LED on a metal core board, mounted to a heat sink.