Spectrometers / Spectroradiometers

International Light Technologies has been developing and manufacturing high-performance light meters and measurement systems for over 50 years.  Our comprehensive portfolio of light measurement products include radiometers, photometers, optometers, dataloggers, lux meters, chroma meters, spectrometers and spectroradiometers.  These meters are designed to measure light in the IR, NIR, VIS and UV Range.  Our meters are used for process validation, and research and development covering a broad range of applications including manufacturing, aerospace, medical, scientific, industrial, automotive, agriculture, healthcare, entertainment, military, marine, and more. 

Calibrated Spectrometers

ILT offers NIST traceable, calibrated spectrometers and spectroradiometer system including integrating spheres, cosine correcting diffusers, fiber patch cords and our complimentary Spectrilight III software that easily and accurately measure spectral irradiance, photometry, color coordinates, CCT, illuminance, peak wavelength and more. UV spectrometers, broadband UV/VIS/NIR and IR spectrometers can be combined to cover a broader ranges. Our ILT950 and ILT550 spectrometers can be combined with many of our detectors and input optics for application specific light measurement solutions. 


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Portable, Hand-Held Spectrometer

The hand-held ILT350 Chroma Meter is an illuminance spectrophotometer designed for portability, quality and ease of use. The housing design is ergonomic and light weight yet packed with features such as a built in full color display. Extensive data capture and analysis software, rechargeable battery and internal data storage. The menu buttons are intuitive and easy to use.   Available to purchase in our eStore.


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Spectral Measurement of UV Light Sources - 200 - 500 nm

The ILT960 is ILT's new portable, compact UV spectrometer with increased broadband sensitivity.  The ILT960 can measure UV light levels as small as .4 uW/cm2/nm.  The ILT960UV-RAA4 has everything you need to start taking measurements.  The system includes the spectrometer,  meter fiber optic light guide, RAA4 right angle cosine correcting input optic, calibration with certificate, and carrying case.  Compatible with our extensive, complimentary SpectriLight III software package.

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The ILT950 is equally at home on the production floor as it is the laboratory, combining high performance, accuracy, ease-of-use, and a wide array of features all in a rugged, compact, portable design. The excellent performance of the ILT950 has been improved even further with the addition of a new CMOS detector allowing for faster response and data transfer rates as well as a more balanced overall spectral sensitivity, and integration times as brief as 30 µseconds.  The ILT950 is available in both UV and broadband UV/NIR models. 


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The ILT950-NIR is a cost-effective, fully-integrated spectroradiometer. The compact air-cooled NIR spectrometer uses a 256 pixel linear InGaAs array, and offers both a high-sensitivity and low-noise mode for measurements in the near infrared range, out to 1700 nm (1.7 micron).  


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For budget-conscious customers, the ILT560 Mini Spectrometer comes standard with a SMA905 receptor allowing it to be used a variety of fiber patch cords including both flexible and rigid models. The ILT560 systems are configured with all the accessories and calibration needed to measure Power, Irradiance or Radiance. 


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