RGB 1x3 LED Sign Module

RGB LED sign modules

RGB 1x3 LED Sign Module

Part Number: RGB 1x3 LED Sign Module


  • 3 Super Flux 5050 3 in 1 Red, Green & Blue SMD LED's per Module
  • 2 modules per ft, 15 ft per strip to minimize cost
  • Module shaped by injected molded UL approved PVC
  • 3M VHB double faced tape
  • Mechanical fasteners for secure installation included
  • 0.72 Watt per Module, able to power 75 modules on 12 volt 60 watt power supply
  • UL Recognized.

RGB LED Sign ModulesInternational Light Technologies has provided innovative design and engineering solutions for LED lighting applications for 50 years. Let us provide you the quality, performance and cost-effective LED solutions you require.


  • Channel Letters: Face and Halo
  • Internally Illuminated Sign Cabinets
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Cove and Accent Lighting


    Mechanical Drawing

    Circuit Diagram