Custom Product Solutions

For over 50 YEARS, ILT has prided itself in meeting our Customers' light measurement and detection, and specialty light source needs.  We have have met these needs with standard products, custom configurations of those standard products, OEM arrangements, and one-of-a-kind custom product solutions.

A few examples of ILT's problem-solving approach to meeting Customer needs in all 4 ILT divisions are listed below.

If you have a similar need, please contact ILT today so we can create the perfect customized product solution for you!


ILT LED Lighting Division

ILT's LED Lighting Division was formed in 2008 to provide innovative LED-based lighting finished and custom product solutions to many markets including convenience and grocery stores. Examples include:

  • Cosmetic Display Case Custom LED Lighting Retrofit Solution Custom-designed LED array and reflector retrofit kit for national drugstore chain to dramatically improve lighting on cosmetic merchandise. Retro kit retained existing fixture per retailer's request to maintain overall store design.
  • Medical Device Workstation Custom LED Lighting Retrofit Solution Existing ILT linear LED light customized to provide specified light output, distribution, color temperature and power/wiring configuration to accommodate unique requirements of medical instrument company's work-stations.
  • Grocery Chain Custom LED Lighting Retrofit Solution Custom-designed linear reflector with LED array for large, Northeast grocery chain. Objective is to retrofit existing, high-end fluorescent aisle fixtures with LEDs, resulting in reduced power and improved illumination of product on shelve.
  • Refrigerator Shelf Custom LED Lighting Solution Custom-designed LED shelf light for OEM glass supplier to residential refrigerator industry. Various length LED assemblies are integrated to each shelf to provide improved product illumination at a very low cost.
  • ILT's CaseLight LED Cooler Light Fixture began as a special request from a "big box" retailer. This company needed a more robust vertical case light fixture because of the method used to load their cooler cases. In response to that request, ILT produced CaseLight. This solution was then productized based on the numerous requests ILT received for a vertical case light product with similar characteristics.
  • ILT's SoffitLight LED Soffit Light Fixture began its life as a gas pump canopy light replacement. When one of ILT's Energy Services Company (ESCO) Customers asked ILT to provide a LED-based replacement soffit light fixture for a strip mall walkway, we went to work on that request and quickly developed a new surround for our standard CanopyLight fixture.


ILT LED Signage Division

ILT's LED Signage Division was formed in 2008 to provide innovative LED-based sign modules and other products to meet specific Customer product needs in the illuminated sign industry. Examples include:

  • Edge Lit Signage Using ILT LED Edge Lighting Strips – a major producer of acrylic sign materials asked ILT if we could produce a version of our flexible LED light strips that could be used to "edge light" their innovative sign material. ILT gladly accepted the challenge – our ILT LED Edge Lighting Strips were the result of that collaboration.
  • LED Sign Module & Power Supply Counter SmartPhone App – ILT's motto has always been, "Do whatever it takes to meet our Customers' needs!" That was never more evident than when ILT took on the challenge of providing a fast, accurate method for sign manufacturer field sales reps to estimate the number of ILT LED Sign Modules and Power Supplies needed to replace fluorescent or neon light sources in illuminated signs. The ILT solution – create a FREE iPhone/Android smartphone app that would do just that!


ILT Systems Division

ILT's Systems Division is built on the premise that ILT can meet any light measurement and detection requirement with its vast array of light meters (radiometers, photometers and spectroradiometers), light detectors, optical filters, input optics and accessories. Examples include:

  • The ILT2400 Hand-held Light Meter & Optometer, and the ILT1700 and ILT5000 Research Radiometers can be combined with thousands of standard and custom components to create sensors that meet our customers’ specific needs and in less time than many suppliers quote for standard configurations.
    • ILT has created over 150 "standard" configurations of these ILT2400, ILT1700 and ILT5000 systems listed in the Light Measurement Applications section of this Web site.
    • From low profile to high intensities, ILT has the expertise to create a unique solution to meet each customer's special requirements and decades of calibration experience to assure they get the absolute values needed for research, R&D, product development, process control and monitoring.
    • Whether you need a high volume OEM/private label solution or a single unit customized configuration, ILT has years of experience modifying our top of the line light measurement systems to meet our customers’ needs.
  • The ILT1000 low profile, self contained, data logging radiometer was designed with OEM and custom configurations in mind and can easily accommodate most solid state detectors, 1/2” and 1” optical filters and a vast selection of input optics. Integrating one or more ILT1000's into your system is easy - contact ILT to discuss your application details. The ILT1000 is capable of measuring over 6 decades of light intensity and providing direct readout in W, W/cm², Lux, Fc, Lumens, cd/m², cd, W/sr, W/sr/cm² and more.
  • The ILT400 Curing/Integrating Belt Radiometers can be configured for conveyor, bench top and/or spot curing applications. With hundreds of filter combinations and numerous software versions readily available, ILT can offer standard or custom UV curing solutions.
    • Our systems are designed to test UV LEDs, Fiber optic light guides, light wands, UV ovens, and both traditional and non traditional lamp based systems. OEM/Private label opportunities exist for all versions of the ILT400/490 and custom configurations are designed in house.
  • Series ILT70 Series Meter/Detector Systems – Based on our decades of light measurement and detection experience, we created the "Series 70" meter/detector product line to meet ever-growing OEM requests for low cost meter/detector configurations with customied specifications and labeling.


ILT Light Sources Division

ILT's Light Sources Division (formerly Gilway Technical Lamp) has over 4 decades of experience helping solve demanding light source requirements. Examples abound regarding Gilway's/ILT's ability to analyze a Customer's specific light source requirements and provide the perfect solution to meet that need. Non-proprietary examples include:

  • NDIR lamps: ILT offers many OEM versions of our miniature IR lamps. We offer pre-test and pre-selection to meet specific customer tolerance such as +/-5% MSCP, 60 cd, or specified current and voltage values.
    • We can pre-burn lamps to assure stability during the initial burning period.
    • Customization of the lamp includes, custom shaped filaments, filament alignment, dual filaments, thicker/ thinner filaments, thin glass envelopes, shorter envelopes, extended leads in both bi-pin and wire.
    • We offer insulated wire, tin dipped leads, gold pins, bent pins, longer pins and custom pin spacing.
  • ILT Miniature Lamps can be combined with numerous MR3 and MR4 reflectors with aluminum, silver or gold coating. Customized ILT Lamp Assemblies include custom focus, spot size and working distances, tight MSCP tolerance, custom reflectors, and complete OEM lamp and board assemblies.

As you can see from these many examples, ILT thrives in providing innovative solutions for our Customers' light detection, light measurement and light source needs.

If you have a similar need, please contact ILT today so we can create the perfect customized product solution for you!