ILT LED Sign Retrofit Rail System

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ILT Innovations Division’s Deep Cabinet Signage Retrofit System enables easy replacement of existing fluorescent tubes or neon quickly and cost-effectively.

The System includes an extruded Rail which can be cut-to-length in the field, custom Mounting Brackets and industry proven Summit LED Sign Modules.

Applications include Single and Double-Faced Cabinets, Fuel Price Signs, Fuel Pump Canopy Fascia, Logo Signs, Pylon Signs and Large Channel Letters.

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Easily Retrofit Existing Signs With ILT Summit LED Sign Modules!


  • ILT Summit LED Sign Modules Easily Snap Into RAIL System – No Tape or Hardware Needed
  • RAILs Can Be Cut-to-Length with a Standard Hacksaw
  • RAILs are Made of Rigid PVC Plastic
  • Custom Right-Angle Mounting Brackets Available When Needed
  • Snap Rails Back-to-Back for Double-Faced Signs
  • Used for All Sign Cabinets and Large Channel Letter Signs
  • UL Recognized for New and Retrofit Signs
  • Long Life – 5 Year Warranty
  • Price/Purchase Information - Contact ILT
  • ILT LED Sign Retrofit Rail System Data Sheet
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ILT Rail System NAPA Sign
Sign Cabinet - Front Partially Opened
(7 Horizontal Rows of Summit Modules in Rails)


ILT Signage Retrofit System Components:


Sign Rail
Part Number – ILT-RAIL-96
Description – 96” long RAIL for Summit 2X2 LED Sign Modules
Sold in Boxes of 25 per Box
ILT Rail System Rails
Mounting Bracket
Part Number – SHM30508P1
Description – Right Angle Mounting Bracket for Sign Rail
Sold per Bracket
ILT Rail System Bracket
Summit LED Sign Modules
Part Number – ILT-PC-2X2-W (White) or ILT-PC-2X2-R (Red)
Description – Summit LED Sign Modules, 4 LEDs per Module,
2 Modules per Foot, 50 Modules per Box
Sold per Box
ILT Summit LED Module
Power Supply
Part Number – ILT-CEN-60-12
Description – 60W, 12VDC Power Supply




ILT LED Sign Retrofit Rail System Data Sheet (PDF)