K2 Summit Series LED Sign Modules

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The One Module that Does It ALL!

The New K2 Summit Series is the one module for all applications, from shallow sign cabinets up to 3” from the face to wide stroked channel letters up to 10" wide.

The K2 Summit Series comes with the patented TurnLoc™ mounting system - simply insert the pin on the module into the K2 RAIL and turn it 90 degrees to lock it in place.

K2 Retrofit Application Note - Electrical ROI - Irving Gas Station Sign (PDF)


  • Shallow Sign Cabinets up to 3" Deep
  • Shallow Channel Letters up to 2" from face
  • Up to 10" wide Channel Letters with one stroke
  • Architectural Signage
  • Channel Letter and Sign Cabinet Retrofits
  • Also Used to Retrofit Lighting in Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) Interior, Exterior Menu Signs, etc.



  • K2 TurnLoc Mounting System
  • Three (3) 3030 SMD LEDs per module
  • 164.7 Degree Beam Angle
  • 2 modules per ft, 25 ft per Strip
  • 3M VHB Double Faced Tape Plus Mechanical Fasteners
  • Low Power Draw, 30 ft on a 12 Volt 60 Watt Power Supply
  • Lumen Output for White - 190-210 Lm per Foot
  • Controlled Color Consistency, 6500K Color Temperature
  • Constant Current Technology on the Board
  • NEMA 6-6p or IP67 Rated



Close-up - Pin on LED Module Inserted in Rail
Close-up - Pin on LED Module Inserted in Rail
K2 Summit LED Sign Module
K2 "Summit" Series Operating
Lum. flux/ft
min.  max.
Modules/ft LED Quantity (pc/module) Qty on 60W Power Supply Measure
ILT-1X3-W65 12 1 6500K 164.7° 190  210 2 3 60 or 30 ft 2.7"×0.7"×0.4"


ILT-1X3-W65-160 mounted to the ILT-RAIL-K2-96 for double faced internally illuminated sign cabinet.


               Lens Optics:

K2 Lens Optics

K2 Installation Instructions

K2 Rail Power Supply Pohtos

K2 New Bracket


New ILT K2 Summit LED Sign Module Cutsheet (PDF)

K2 Summit Series Installation Instructions (PDF)