ILT800 CureRight Radiometer

ILT800 Profiling Belt Radiometer

ILT800 CureRight Radiometer

Part Number: ILT800


  • Largest measurement range at 4.5 decades
  • mW/cm2 to 40 W/cm2
  • Effortless results, clear data, easily identifies problem
  • Profiling is standard
  • 3000 samples per second
  • Integration for up to 10 minutes
  • Measure pulsed and continuous sources
  • Store/Recall up to 1000 profiles
  • Mapping: face horizontally, vertically, up or down
  • Linear response- no range selection required
  • Temperature measurement
  • Low battery warning
  • Measure pulsed and continuous sources
  • Made in USA
  • ISO17025 
  • Custom & OEM inquiries welcome


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ILT800 Screen

The ILT800 CureRight is a feature-rich profiling UV curing radiometer that delivers unmatched flexibility and capability not found in any other system.  The ILT800 Radiometer meets a broad range of applications across a variety of light measurement needs.  The system has been designed with the varying needs of its users in mind, and can be configured and customized to your unique environment.


The ILT800 CureRight series is designed to measure and validate all types of UV curing methods and sources including conveyor, belt, oven, flood, area, spot, fiber optic, collimated beam, side cure, 180° curing, 3D printing, pulsed and traditional UV lamps, and UV/VIS LEDs &  light sources.


The ILT800 CureRight system outperforms the competitors with features such as profiling of current/previous/stored measurements, ability to monitor, measure, view and export the date, time, temperature, irradiance, dose, cal due date, model and serial number, and battery status.   User programmable settings include minimum light level threshold, lamp-to-lamp measurement interval (delay), time to auto shutoff, and auto/manual/live measurement modes.  The ILT800 is the only radiometer with Device ID which allows users to program up to 20 unique system/source information, allowing users to store and export baselines and historical data for all their curing stations in one economically priced meter.  



ILT800 spectrum














(Coming Soon:  ILT850 add-on modules will allow users to monitor multiple spectral bands and/or perform spatial profiling at full bandwidth.)      



View an introductory video on the ILT800 CureRight Radiometer below.



Spectrum/Filtration Options

ILT800-UVA 315 - 390 nm
ILT800-BAV 275 - 475 nm
ILT800-UV 250 - 400 nm
ILT800-CUV 215 - 350 nm
ILT800-UVF 360 - 400 nm Flat, (275 - 450 nm)
OEM/Custom Filtration Available Contact Us

Device Specifications*

Range: 4.5 decade (mW/cm2 to 40 W/cm2)
Readout: mW/cm2, mJ/cm2, W/cm2, J/cm2 & profile/graph, Date, Time, Temp.
Sensors: Linear, solid state GaAsp & SiC
Dimensions: 102 X 152 X 12.7 mm (L x W x H)
Display: 19 x 71 mm OLED
Power: Micro USB & rechargeable battery
Temp: 0 - 75 degrees C (internal case temp)
Input Optic:  Cosine correction diffuser
Memory: 400,000 data points

*Specifications are subject to change without notice