UV Curing

Curing a product with exposure to UV light, while fast and economical, requires careful control of the exposure process such as the spectral output of the light source, intensity levels, and exposure times of the products.


International Light Technologies has developed a broad range of UV curing-specific light measurement systems to aid in the challenging task of defining and monitoring these critical process variables.


In particular, ILT Belt Radiometers are self-contained compact radiometers designed for measuring the exposure of conveyor-fed UV curing process equipment from 1 to 80 feet per minute. ILT Belt Radiometers feature a large color display with intuitive operation, miniature integrating sphere receptor, irradiance exposure profiling and a durable polished chrome housing to handle the extreme environmental conditions typically found in UV process curing equipment.  


ILT UV Curing Measurement Systems 

ILT meters come with NIST traceable, ISO 17025 accredited calibrations in units of Watts, Lumens, Watt/cm2, lux and foot-candles as well as full spectrum analysis.


Input optics, including small cosine receptors, integrating spheres, narrow beam adapters and apertures (for testing uniformity) can be added to ILT systems making them the most versatile systems available.


ILT engineers and technical support staff are available to customize systems to the unique requirements of our customers.


Use the table below to identify the system (meter + detector) that meets your specific application.  Use the table to find the spectral range you wish to measure.  The table can be filtered to show our meters by type, (e.g., hand-held), as well as searching on the minimum and maximum spectral range you wish to measure.  The tables can also be sorted to group systems by meter type, spectral range, measurement range, and units.  Click the product link of the system to view it's details.


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* All Radiometers/Photometers/Spectroradiometers are NIST Traceable.
* If units of measure are not shown please contact us (empirical units also available i.e.
fc, fL, nits, lm/ft²). 


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Application Common Sources Meter Type Spectral Range Measurement Range Units Product
Spectral Analysis Any Spectrometer 200-450 nm Customized Spectrum W/m²/nm ILT950UV Spectroradiometer
UV Curing 3D Printer Handheld 320-475 nm 8e-6 – 60 W/cm² ILT2400, XSD340AT7
UV Curing Broadband UV Bench-top/Lab 250-400 nm 2.33e-8 – 2.33 W/cm² ILT5000, SED005/WBS320/W
UV Curing Broadband UV Handheld 250-400 nm 1e-7 – 1 W/cm² ILT2400, SED005/WBS320/W
UV Curing Broadband UV Handheld 250-400 nm 7e-5 – 1e3 W/cm² ILT1000/WBS320/T1MM
UV Curing Narrowband 335 Bench-top/Lab 330-340 nm 5e-9 – 5 W/cm² ILT5000, SED005/NS335/W
UV Curing, Optical Radiation Hazard Measurement Narrowband 335 Handheld 330-340 nm 5e-7 – 5 W/cm² ILT2400, SED005/NS335/W
UV Curing UV LED's Bench-top/Lab 215-350 nm 1e-9 – 1 W/cm² ILT5000/SED270/QT
UV Curing Xenon Flash Bench-top/Lab 326-401 nm 3e-8 – 20 W/cm² ILT5000, SED033/B/QNDS2/W
UV Curing Low profile high UV Bench-top/Lab 250-400 nm 5e-7 – 100 W/cm² ILT5000, SED005/WBS320/RAMP
UV Curing Low profile high UV Handheld 250-400 nm 5e-7 – 100 W/cm² ILT2400, SED005/WBS320/RAMP
UV Curing Low profile high UV Handheld 260-400 nm 6e-6 – 0.9 W/cm² ILT2400, SSD001
UV Curing UV-LED Handheld 215-350 nm 7e-8 – 1 W/cm2 ILT2400/SED270/QT
UV Curing UV-LED Handheld 275-450 nm 5e-8 – 0.8 W/cm2 ILT2400, SED005/UVF/QT
UV Curing Narrowband 335 Bench-top/Lab 327-342 nm 3e-9 – 2 W/cm2 ILT5000, SED005/NS335-II/W
UV Curing Narrowband 335 Handheld 327-342 nm 2e-7 – 2 W/cm2 ILT2400, SED005/NS335-II/W
UV Curing UV Oven/Belt Radiometer Low Profile 315-475 nm 5e-3 – 40 W/cm2 ILT800 CureRight Radiometer
UV Curing UV-LED 275-450 nm 5e-8 – 0.8 W/cm2 ILT2400, XSD005UVF 3D Printer/UVA LED Measurements