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Challenges of LED Measurement

LEDs are taking the lighting industry by storm. Applications requiring light output ranging from UV to NIR are replacing traditional light sources with LED technologies.

Though LEDs have the advantages of increased efficiency, color specificity, size, response time and long lifetime, LEDs often struggle with repeatability in color temperature, spectrum, peak wavelength, and intensity. This makes the need for accurate, easy-to-use test and measurement equipment more important than ever.

International Light Technologies has a full complement of powerful, easy-to-use and highly accurate LED light measurement systems. The ILT950, ILT950UV and ILT350 Spectroradiometers for excellent for characterizing discrete LEDs and LED modules for spectral output, light output, CRI, CCT, RA and more. The Light Meter line includes hand-held and research grade light meters for radiometric and photometric analysis.

ILT LED measurement systems include N.I.S.T. traceable and ISO 17025 accredited calibrations to allow measurement of absolute spectral intensity values (in watts, joules, W/cm2, W/sr, lumens or candela).

ILT systems are designed to measure individual LEDs, lights sources, lamps and displays from the lab and product development stage through production and quality control, repeatability/reliability verification and end user implementation.

ILT also offers a selection of our calibrated light measurement tools for rental as well as LED testing at our in-house calibration lab.

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Application Common Sources Spectral Range ILT System Options
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Measurement Range Units
UV-LED Testing UV-LED, UV Flash light, UV curing LED 200-450 nm ILT950UV
Customized spectrum W
    185-310 nm ILT5000, SED240/INS250N 6e-8 to 5.00e-2 W
    185-310 nm ILT1700, SED240/INS250N 1.00e-7 to 5.00e-2 W
    185-310 nm ILT2400, SED240/INS250N 2.50e-6 to 5.00e-2 W
UV-LED Irradiance,
Spot/uniformity testing UV
  215-355 nm ILT1270/QT 7e-8 to 1 W/cm2
    215-355 nm

ILT2400, SED270/QT

7e-8 to 1 W/cm2
    250-400 nm ILT1005/WBS320/T1mm 7e-5 to 1e+3 W/cm2
    275-450 nm

ILT2400, SED005/UVF/A313

5e-8 to 8e-1

========= ========= ========= ============ ======= ======
Automotive, Plant Growth, Lighting design, Light safety, Light Pollution, Colorimetery, Efficiency Individual LEDs and Lighting Systems Signs, Parking/street lights, Task lighting, Display booth 250-1010 nm ILT950 Spectroradiometer Customizable Spectrum W & W/cm2
    380-780 nm ILT350 Spectroradiometer 20-10,000 lux Spectrum, Lux and Colorimetry
========= ========= ========= ============ ======= ======
Beam Intensity Individual and small assemblies, VIS LEDs 400-700 nm ILT5000, SED033/Y/LED 3e-6 to 4e+3 cd
    400-700 nm ILT1700, SED033/Y/LED 4.26e-6 to 4.26e+3 cd
    400-700 nm ILT2400, SED033/Y/LED 2.13e-4 to 7.45e+2 cd
    400-700 nm ILT2400, SED033/Y/Q1/HNK15 3e-2 to 5e+5 Lumens
    400-700 nm ILT5000, SED033/Y/INS250N 5e-6 to 8e+3 Lumen
    400-700 nm ILT1700, SED033/Y/INS250N 5.00e-5 to 5.00e+3 Lumen
    400-700 nm ILT2400, SED033/Y/INS125 2.50e-4 to 8.70e+2 Lumen
========= ========= ========= ============ ======= ======
LED beam Intensity Thermal Management, Architectural Lighting, Facial Recognition, Surveillance (VIS LED, NIR LED) 400-1064 nm ILT5000, SED033/F/LED 3.5e-9 to 3 W/sr
    400-1064 nm ILT1700, SED033/F/LED 6.67e-9 to 6.67e+0 W/sr
    400-1064 nm ILT2400, SED033/F/LED 2e-7 to 3 W/sr
LED Flux/Power Thermal Management, Architectural Lighting, Facial Recognition, Surveillance (VIS LED, NIR LED) 400-1064 nm ILT5000, SED033/F/INS250N 3.5e-9 to 6.6e+0 W
    400-1064 nm ILT2400, SED033/F/INS250N 3.5e-9 to 6.6e+0 W
    400-1064 nm ILT1700, SED033/F/INS250N 6.60e-9 to 6.60e+0 W
    400-1064 nm ILT2400, SED033/F/INS125 3e-7 to 4 W
========= ========= ========= ============ ======= ======
Traffic lights, Automobiles, Blimp, Sign displays (Vis) 400-700 nm ILT5000, SED033/Y/R 6e-3 to 1e+7 cd/m²
    400-700 nm ILT1700, SED033/Y/R 1.16e-2 to 1.16e+7 cd/m²
    400-700 nm ILT2400, SED033/Y/R 3e-1 to 5e+6 cd/m²
  Traffic lights, Automobiles, Blimp, Sign displays
400-1064 nm ILT5000, SED033/F/R 3e-9 to 2e+0 W/cm²/sr
    400-1064 nm ILT1700, SED033/F/R 2.60e-9 to 2.60e+0 W/cm²/sr
    400-1064 nm ILT2400, SED033/F/R 6e-8 to 1 W/cm²/sr
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* All Radiometers/Photometers/Spectroradiometers are NIST Traceable.
* If units of measure are not shown please contact us (empirical units also available i.e. fc, fL, nits, lm/ft²).