Solar Radiation

The sun and solar simulators have a broad output ranging from UVB into the IR.

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The sun and solar simulators have a broad output ranging from UVB into the IR. The bands of interest include UVB, UV-Vis and NIR.

UVB is a band of ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths from 280-315 nanometers produced by the Sun. UVB refers to a specific portion of the sun’s energy reaching the earth’s surface.

This type of radiation accounts for only a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, but it has an unusually large photo-biological effect. Both plants and animals are affected by increases in UVB radiation.



UV radiation plays a role in the degradation of all polymeric materials as well as biological systems. It also acts as a germicide, a fungicide, and a bactericide in agriculture and biological systems.

UVB radiation is responsible for a wide range of damaging human and animal health effects, primarily related to the skin (skin cancers), eyes (cataracts), and the immune system. Possible eye damage can result from high doses of UV light, particularly to the cornea which easily absorbs UV light.

UVA/Vis, though much less hazardous, also contributes to degradation and skin and eye hazard.

Another contributor is the infrared (IR). IR is known to cause serious damage to the eyes, in particular the retina and the cornea.

ILT offers specialized systems for testing Solar UVB with a billion-to-one Vis/IR rejection. This is critical for testing Solar UVB since nearly all of the sun's energy is in the longer wavelengths. Using the same radiometers included with the solar UVB system, different detectors, filters, optics and calibrations can be ordered for testing UVA, Vis, NIR and IR.

Also, a special solar radiation measurement system is available for use in MIL-STD-810G, Test Method 505.5 Solar Radiation (Sunshine). See last entry in the table below - please contact ILT Sales for system details and pricing.


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Application Band Definition Spectral Range ILT System Options
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Measurement Range Units
Sun and
Solar Simulator
Broadband 250-1050 nm ILT950 Spectroradiometer Customized spectrum W/m²/nm
    200-1100 nm ILT5000, SED033/QNDS2/W 1.00e-8 to 1.00e+1 W/cm²
    200-1100 nm ILT1700, SED033/QNDS2/W 1.00e-8 to 1.00e+1 W/cm²
    200-1100 nm ILT2400, SED033/QNDS2/W 6e-7 to 1e+1 W/cm²
    200-2100 nm ILT5000, SED623/QNDS1/W 6.92e-4 to 7.69e+0 W/cm²
    200-2100 nm ILT1700, SED623/QNDS1/W 6.92e-4 to 7.69e+0 W/cm²
    200-2100 nm ILT2400, SED623/QNDS1/W 7e-4 to 3 W/cm²
  Broadband UV 200-450 nm ILT950UV Spectroradiometer Customized spectrum W/m²/nm
    250-400 nm ILT5000, SED005/WBS320/W 2.33e-8 to 2.33e+0 W/cm² & J/cm²
    250-400 nm ILT2400, SED005/WBS320/TD 1e-7 to 1 W/cm² & J/cm²
======= ======= ====== ============== ========== =====
  UVB 280-315 nm ILT5000, SED240/SPS300/W 4.00e-7 to 2.00e-2 W/cm²
    280-315 nm ILT1700, SED240/SPS300/T/W 4.00e-8 to 2.00e-2 W/cm²
    280-315 nm ILT2400, SED240/SPS300/W 4e-7 to 7e-3 W/cm²
======= ======= ====== ============== ========== =====
  UVA 315-390 nm ILT5000, SED005/UVA/TD 3e-9 to 2 W/cm²
    315-390 nm ILT1700, SED005/UVA/TD 4.65e-9 to 4.65e+0 W/cm²
    315-390 nm ILT2400, SED005/UVA/TD 1e-7 to 2 W/cm²
======= ======= ====== ============== ========== =====
  Visible 400-700 nm ILT1700, SED033/Y/TD 1.20e-3 to 1.20e+6 lux
    400-700 nm ILT2400, SCD110 9e-2 to 1e+6 lux
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Solar Radiation (Sunshine)

Test Method 505.5

280-3000 nm ILT950, ILT1700, SED623/SCS810/W Please Contact ILT
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